Aromatherapy is used for both psychological and physical disorders. Aroma oils last longer than essential oils and are hence used for aromatherapy. is selling Jain´s aroma oils  which are best sellers of pure aroma oil from India. We have multiple fragrances in aroma oils which you can use for therapy. Even animals respond positively towards aroma oils. The way aroma oils are produced makes it different from essential oil.

Essential oil can be ingested whereas pure aroma oil cannot be used for ingestion. It is a combination of compounds which is used in cosmetics, perfumes and in candles too and you can buy it all from our website .

If there is a pungent smell in your house or if you are feeling claustrophobic inside your house you can use these aroma oils to make yourself feel fresh and active. If you want to make homemade candles or soaps, we would recommend you add a few drops or fragrant aroma oil like lavender or chamomile which helps in decreasing depression and stress levels. It will help you feel positive and relaxed throughout the day.

A lot of PTSD patients and people who suffer from joint pains or muscle tear are using aromatherapy as it also contains an essential oil which helps them heal internally; especially working professionals prefer aromatherapy after a hard day’s work. You can also mix this aroma oils in water while bathing if you cannot find bath water compound which is also available in our website .

To view our list of aroma oils products, please visit Aroma oil section on our website .

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